2nd Mondays

We’ve all heard the claims about the “Great Awakenings” and how they started in the young people.  But I would submit that these times of revival or nenewed hunger for God did not necessarily start in any particular age group, but that the young people were certainly an instrumental force in their promotion.

Regardless of the endeavor, war, business, entertainment, or spiritual revival young people have been enlisted to bring their enthusiasm and seeming limitless energy to the cause.  There is nothing quite as exciting as a young person that has come upon some truth or revelation and committed their whole being to it’s promotion.  As the old addage says, “If only Youth knew, and Age could”.

<divThere is something to be said for the wisdom and experience of an older generation.  It is a grand thing when an older generation can engage the zeal of a younger generation and the younger generation can embrace the wisdom and experience of the older generation.  When each can honor the other and not feel threatened.  Age providing guidance, Youth providing ambition.  Both realizing what they lack and welcoming the supply of the other with honor and respect.
We believe God has spoken some very exicting things to us at East Side Church regarding the lives of Portland area teens and the next great outpouring. There have been many “Prophetic Words” given regarding Portland and the Pacific Northwest and many people believe that our young people will be a key element in this outpouring.  We believe, at East Side Church, that we have received a revelation of how this revival will occur.
In June of 2010 we held a service with campus missionary, Wes Sheley, of  Youth Alive.  As is our custom, we gathered around Wes and began to pray for him, his family, and the ministry of Youth Alive.  At this time the Holy Spirit gave us a prophetic word regarding the method of evangelism of our campuses.We believe that students will begin to operate in the supernatural gifts of the spirit, primarily, but not limited to, gifts of healings. We believe this will take place on our campuses and that there will be nothing that can be done to stop it.We believe the Holy Spirit spoke to us about dedicating the 2nd Monday of every month as a Youth Emphasis night. We are going to bring in speakers geared to teens and have a night of anointing, prayer for the release of these gifts, and instruction for them to take this to their schools.In July we will be featuring Pastor David Conlee from Horizon Community Church.  We’re excited about this night and would like to invite everyone to come join us.  There will be lively worship, great preaching, snacks, games, and most importantly a time of prayer for the sick and anointing to send these young warriors to battle against principalities and powers.

Pastor Gary & Gayle began their life journey together on March 22, 1977. Growing up in the same church and going to the same school they were truly “high school sweethearts”. They now share this journey with their 3 daughters, Katrina, Stephanie, and Allison. On their honeymoon they had what would come to be the earmark experience of their life and ministry. Through a set of unfortunate circumstances they met a young woman that had walked away from the Lord, and on their honeymoon they were able to lead both her and her roommate back to Jesus. Pastor Gary & Gayle have pursued a life of obedience to the call of God that has led them through many youth ministry positions, and evangelistic ministry, a senior pastorate in Southern Idaho, and then to the current assignment of church planters in Southeast Portland. Their ministry is marked by a deep sense of committment to entertain the presence of the Holy Spirit, rely on His supernatural enabling, and place ministry opportunities into the hands of the believers.

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