Uninhibited worship is one of the earmarks of Bethel.

The root of the Hebrew word “Halal” means to be foolishly clamorous.

As a people that have been set free from the “law of sin and death”, we have something to sing, shout, and dance about. And we do! In fact we provide plenty of accessories for those that want to make a little extra “Hallelujah” in the form of flags, percussion, kazoos, and general merry-makers.

If you enjoy quiet, mellow, layed-back worship services, Bethel is probably not the right place for you.

We serve a “living God” that is using us as “lively stones to build His Church upon.

Our worship is for Him and we want to spare nothing in expressing our love, thankfulness, and joy for what He has done in our lives.

We believe Heaven will be a very noisy place!