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In this blog Pastor Gary will discuss various issues of Christian living.  Not just in regard to church life, but also thoughts as to how our faith affects our familial, social, political, and business life.

This blog is intended to be an expression coming from a pastor’s heart, but also an expression as it comes from the heart of a fellow follower of Jesus.

As the Apostle Paul stated, “I do not claim to have attained, but I press on…”.

This page is the voice of a single luminary on the pathway towards the knowledge of God in Christ Jesus.

What does it mean to live New?

If there were to be one phrase that would summarize the message Jesus brought to earth it would be, “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand”.  We all know that Jesus brought a message of repentance, which most of us have come to believe is a call to turn away fr
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Bethel Assembly is now on Ustream! As an alternative for those that cannot be with us weekly, we are now doing a livestream over at Ustream every week! Click here to view our LiveStream and be sure to visit us every Sunday morning at 11, and every Monday night at 6:30!
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Relatively Moral

It is time America woke up to the realization that as the most spiritually liberated nation in history we have become a moral wasteland.  America held at its core in the 1700′s a passionate desire to chase after God.  There were numerous manifestations of that pursuit and a significan
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2nd Mondays

We’ve all heard the claims about the “Great Awakenings” and how they started in the young people.  But I would submit that these times of revival or nenewed hunger for God did not necessarily start in any particular age group, but that the young people were certainly an instrumental f
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Have you ever really thought about what it was that our Founding Father’s really did when they signed the “Declaration of Independence”?  Aside from the obvious things like infuriating King George, establishing themselves as traitors to the Crown, and generally placing their lives, fa
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What “Branch” of The Lord are you in?

Being a bi-vocational Pastor often affords me the ability to connect with a unique group of people outside of the Church world.  Recently, a fellow that I have been talking with for several years asked me “What branch of the Lord are you a part of?”  He wanted to know my belief system
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Desperate Times

We’ve all heard the phrase.  “Desperate times call for desperate measures.”  It’s generally used to defend some extreme action that may be called into question.  Sometimes it’s a motivator for someone to act outside their comfort zone.  Regardless of the reasoning, the axiom is still
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The world at a stand still

After sitting in the house and making plans for, “when it stops snowing”, I realize just how project driven my life is.  I don’t seem to ever struggle with having something to do, but I often struggle with the order in which to do them.  I’m very much a squeaky wheel sort of guy. I ha
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