Season of Proclaimation

The weather has changed, summer has officially ended, and the kids are all back in school. At Bethel we have just concluded our “Season of Re-Creation” and are transitioning into the “Season of Proclamation”. Over the next 3 months we are Proclaiming the Goodness of our God. We will Proclaim the wonder of His amazing artistic eye. The bounty He has given us as His people and the great nation in which we live. And of course, the Advent of His Son, Jesus, that is born to us as a Savior.
Join us this season and gather your voice to ours as we Proclaim the wonders and all the benefits of our God. It’s going to be a very boisterous and joyous season as we give expression to all of the wonder that is in our spirit at the magnificence of God.
The Merriam-Webster dictionary says this about “Proclaim”
to say or state something in a public, official, or definite way : to declare or announce something.