Relatively Moral

It is time America woke up to the realization that as the most spiritually liberated nation in history we have become a moral wasteland.  America held at its core in the 1700′s a passionate desire to chase after God.  There were numerous manifestations of that pursuit and a significant amount of discourse as to the proper route one should follow in pursuing God.
So sharp were the variations that even then our founding fathers could see that there would need to be ample provision for the “…freedom of worship”.  Nowhere in the mindset of the early leaders was the concept of the “freedom from worship.”

It is not enough to merely give assent to moral virtues.  Each person, be they politician or constituent, business owner or patron, laborer or manager, rich or poor must adopt these values individually.

It has been said that America will cease to be great when America ceases to be good.  I will say that America will cease to be good when Americans use relative morality as their standard.

Morality based on individual preferences is nothing more than public opinion.  Morality must have an immovable standard against which everyone is measured.  It is time to sound a clarion call to return a standard of righteousness that is not merely compliance to a list of rules, but is rather based in an overwhelming desire to honor and glorify God.

Love is the only standard that will remain.  Unselfish benevolence, first and foremost to God, and then with equal veracity to others.  It is the standard upon which all other laws hang.

Pastor Gary & Gayle began their life journey together on March 22, 1977. Growing up in the same church and going to the same school they were truly “high school sweethearts”. They now share this journey with their 3 daughters, Katrina, Stephanie, and Allison. On their honeymoon they had what would come to be the earmark experience of their life and ministry. Through a set of unfortunate circumstances they met a young woman that had walked away from the Lord, and on their honeymoon they were able to lead both her and her roommate back to Jesus. Pastor Gary & Gayle have pursued a life of obedience to the call of God that has led them through many youth ministry positions, and evangelistic ministry, a senior pastorate in Southern Idaho, and then to the current assignment of church planters in Southeast Portland. Their ministry is marked by a deep sense of committment to entertain the presence of the Holy Spirit, rely on His supernatural enabling, and place ministry opportunities into the hands of the believers.

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