The world at a stand still

After sitting in the house and making plans for, “when it stops snowing”, I realize just how project driven my life is.  I don’t seem to ever struggle with having something to do, but I often struggle with the order in which to do them.  I’m very much a squeaky wheel sort of guy.

I have a very dear friend from the deep south that taught me the phrase, “Keep the main thang the main thang”.  Unfortunately it’s easy to lose track of what the “main thang” is.  So it becomes necessary sometimes to evaluate what exactly it is that I am to be about.
Jesus established the Constitution of the Kingdom of God in a very clear yet concise statement in Matthew 22:7-10.  Love God with all you have, and love your neighbor as your self.  Everything else is instructional and illustrative commentary.
It is often difficult when we are in the throws of survival to consider the welfare of others.  Yet it is this consideration first of the welfare of God, then the welfare of others that Jesus has declared to be, “the main thang”.  My first priority is to love God and seek what is best for Him and His Kingdom with my very existence, and then to love that which He loves.  He loves people.  Quite simple in philosophy, yet so very intricate in practice.  I feel that it will take a lifetime to attain even the slightest degree of proficiency in this exercise.
Sometimes even those with whom I have the greatest social, spiritual, and political disagreement make a valid point.  Such is the case with comedian Al Franken.  I once heard him make the point that when you are laying in your bed about to draw your last breath, there will most likely not be any of us that will be saying, “Wow, I wish I had spent a few more hours at the office.  I wish I had worked a little more, or made a little more money.  I wish I would have bought a few more possessions.”  Mr. Franken went on to say, “The fact is most of us will probably say, I wish I had hugged my kids more.  I wish I would have played with them a little more.  I wish I had been kinder to those around me.”
When I die, I want to be in the middle of the biggest “project” of my life.  I think I may be in that project right now.  Trying to find what will be in the best interest of my Father, and what will be in the best interest of those whom He has asked me to serve.
Pastor Gary & Gayle began their life journey together on March 22, 1977. Growing up in the same church and going to the same school they were truly “high school sweethearts”. They now share this journey with their 3 daughters, Katrina, Stephanie, and Allison. On their honeymoon they had what would come to be the earmark experience of their life and ministry. Through a set of unfortunate circumstances they met a young woman that had walked away from the Lord, and on their honeymoon they were able to lead both her and her roommate back to Jesus. Pastor Gary & Gayle have pursued a life of obedience to the call of God that has led them through many youth ministry positions, and evangelistic ministry, a senior pastorate in Southern Idaho, and then to the current assignment of church planters in Southeast Portland. Their ministry is marked by a deep sense of committment to entertain the presence of the Holy Spirit, rely on His supernatural enabling, and place ministry opportunities into the hands of the believers.

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