What does it mean to live New?

If there were to be one phrase that would summarize the message Jesus brought to earth it would be, “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand”.  We all know that Jesus brought a message of repentance, which most of us have come to believe is a call to turn away from evil and turn towards righteousness.  But there is a little more to this idea of repenting.  It’s not just turning away from an action or activity, but it is literally turning away from, or changing the way one thinks.

We know that our actions stem from our thoughts, but did you ever stop to consider that the act of changing your actions or behavior must first start with the way you think?  Jesus calls for everyone to change their thought process and thus to change their behavior, which will in turn change their lifestyle.  But He was also very specific in what He told us to change our thinking in regards to.  “Repent, or change the way you think, BECAUSE, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand”.  That phrase, “at hand”, is a colloqualism that means, quite literally, within arms reach. 

The Kingdom of Heaven is not something that we are waiting to enter, it is something that we are standing at the threshold of.  When Jesus taught His disciples to pray in Matthew 7, he told them to “pray after this pattern”.  One of the elements of that pattern was to declare, “thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven”.  Essentially, Jesus was telling us our thought process needs to be that Heaven has invaded Earth and it’s time we started living as citizens of such.  The Kingdom of Heaven is more than some ethereal, mystical, far away place that we will enter either when we pass from this life, or in the great catching away of the Church during end time prophetic fulfillment.  The Kingdom of Heaven is here and now and is to be accessed through the hearts and minds of it’s citizens.  By changing our perspective as to the power of the Holy Spirit and His influence in our existence we lay hold to a dimension that has limitless possibilities.

The idea of living New, begins when we change the way we think about our surroundings, and about our position in those surroundings.  I challenge you today to ask the Holy Spirit to help you gain a new perspective regarding your current situation and how you are to interact with it.  Begin to declare in the emphatic, as it is written in the original language, “Come! Thy Kingdom. Be done! Thy will.  On earth, just as it is in Heaven”.  Believing you can live New is the first step in actually, Living New.

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